PWMU is an organisation within the Presbyterian Church of Victoria. 

Why does PWMU exist?

  • To support and encourage our PWMU workers at home and abroad in prayer, personal interest and finance
  • To stimulate a vision for the missionary cause in our congregations
  • To support the committees set up by our church for mission work
  • To work in every way possible to extend the Kingdom of God in this and other lands


Why become a member?

  • Christians are called to have an interest and involvement in mission at home and overseas
  • PWMU is an organisation well-established in the church through which interest can be channelled
  • PWMU has structures in place to gather and distribute information and funds.
  • PWMU is a body looking to the future while learning from the past


PWMU has 'women' in its name. Does that mean it is only for women?

  • No, men are welcome to join, but cannot hold office.
  • PWMU can play a special role in encouraging an interest in mission work through congregations


How do I become a member of PWMU?

  • Contact the PWMU office (membership currently costs $20 per year)
  • Membership is available to members of Victorian Presbyterian congregations, either through a branch or as an individual


What services does PWMU provide?

  • Newsletter (10 issues per year) - free with membership
  • Monthly devotional booklet (suitable for small group or individual use) for $5
  • Special events featuring current and future missionary speakers
  • PWMU Cookbook for $20 (sales help fund overseas bursaries)
  • Suet to Saffron for $10
  • PWMU Cookbook/Suet to Saffron book bundle ($25)
  • Badges ($5)
  • Collection of used stamps for resale
  • Dayspring Children's Mission Magazine (3 per year)
  • Contact the office for any of these items

In recent years PWMU has provided financial support in the following areas:

General Mission Support
PWMU supports workers who have been approved by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, for service at home or abroad.

Bursaries for Overseas Students
PWMU has funded students from Nigeria, Vanuatu, Korea, The Philippines, Malawi, and India

Social Services
Presbyterian and Scots Joint Mission
PWMU is represented on their Council and the Mission is represented on ours.

Kirkbrae Retirement Home
This is supported through Book of Remembrance donations

Special Funds
Elizabeth Notman Bequest
For outreach work among children and young people
Todd and Campbell Trust
For training women for missions and for general mission purposes