PWMU collects used stamps and sells them to stamp dealers to raise funds for mission work. 

We are very grateful for your stamp donations. Please bring or deliver used stamps to one of these collection points:

  1. the PWMU office
  2. the PCV Office at 156 Collins Street, Melbourne, or
  3. by post to the PWMU address.


We encourage branches and members to prepare stamps for sale as follows:

  • Stamps should be trimmed neatly, preferably with a margin of paper around them of about 1/4 inch.

  • They should not be trimmed close to the edges, other than what is unavoidable at the edge of the envelope.

  • Damaged, torn or dirty stamps should be removed, as well as those cancelled with pen or texta markers.

  • Sort and bag separately into Overseas, Australian cancelled and Australian uncancelled (no markings).


Funds generated from stamp sales benefit APWM workers.